You aren’t one size fits all. Neither are we.

We believe that nothing in life is one size fits all, which is why our products are custom-sized + fit for each individual. Like our jewelry, you aren’t designed to conform either.

Let’s break away from the shapes that society puts around love, relationships, & lifestyle & live authentically. It’s time to celebrate life outside of the box.

The Brooklyn is a unique, four-sided chain made up of short, square-shaped links. Synonymous with strength & iconic in style, the box chain has a rich history dating back to 6th-century royalty.  The geometric configuration creates the elegant illusion of infinite miniature boxes strung together to embody durability. With movement, the flat, synchronized mirrors twist & turn gracefully, reflecting resilience.

Contrary to its traditional origin, the Brooklyn is intended to serve as a reminder to live life outside of the box. To do so, one must be their authentic self & explore creatively without limits. You aren’t one size fits all. Neither are we.

**Only available in select cities as part of our LUXE Line.
Sikiu (from Venezuela) & Julian (from Guatemala) found love upon meeting each other in college. Though they are from different cultures, Sikiu & Julian are alike in their desire to live & love authentically. Together, they are not limited to traditional barriers or expectations. Instead, they live free.
New York City native, Lulu, is in pursuit of a life outside the box. Lulu is a student at Savannah College of Art & Design studying industrial design. She is led by her own self-exploration to follow her creative desires & discover what the future holds.
Brooklyn, New York is a borough of New York City. As the second most populous county in the US, Brooklyn is a culture-dense mecca renowned for its historically inventive community that has enabled individuals to live freely regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, income, or personal beliefs. Brooklyn, the original melting pot, invites people of all backgrounds to express themselves in their true, authentic form. It's a city symbolic of forward-thinking & unapologetic realness.