Our Chains

Small but mighty, the small link is the brightest of our collection. With flat, elongated links, the vast surface area beams light from all angles. Saturated with color and personality, the small link brings light to darkness & promotes resilience. Its playful flutter with motion alludes to an ethereal presence mirrored by its wearer. Available in both yellow and white 14k solid gold.
The Figaro - available for a limited time - is an instant staple. Made famous by Italians in the eighteenth century, the Figaro chain signifies a fashion that will never fade. A perfect pattern of ovals & rings marries design & details to tell a story on skin. The statement chain recognized by jewelry enthusiasts everywhere grabs attention from every direction in all the right ways. A collector’s item with boundaries unlimited, the Figaro is made to turn heads. Available in both yellow & white 14k solid gold, while supplies last.
The classic lives up to its namesake. With a vintage silhouette, the timeless chain adds texture wherever it lays. Simple, stunning & chic, the classic’s small, flat circular sides catch the light and reflect vibrant sparkles. The classic emulates a forever keepsake, equally rich in character & magic. Symbolic of iconic style and authentic taste, the subtle yet striking chain speaks for itself when worn. Available in both yellow and white 14k solid gold.