A woman in a swimsuit wearing her sustainable LINK x LOU chains in the pool
A man and woman hugging while sporting their LINK x LOU 14k gold bracelets
A close-up of a LINK x LOU ring stack and 14k gold welded bracelet
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LINK x LOU® offers permanent, welded jewelry, custom-sized to fit your wrist, neck, ankle, or finger. After selecting the chain of your choice, our trained Linkers perfect the fit and weld the metal to create your clasp-free bracelet, necklace, anklet, or ring. The sustainable, 14k white and yellow gold chains present a minimal aesthetic but don't require delicate wear.

Whether a sentimental gift for yourself or a loved one, LINK x LOU® provides effortless, no-fuss jewelry for individuals who want to sweat, shine or defeat skin sensitivity every day. Our unique brand experience is currently available in multiple cities across the US on a private party and pop-up basis. With each purchase, we are able to give back to local organizations in the communities where our Linkers are located.


Bracelets can be a b*tch to put on and take off with one hand. Good news! We can help with that. Each bracelet, anklet, necklace, or ring is custom fit to your body, linked, then welded together to make sure that pretty little thing isn't going anywhere. Unless, of course, you want it to. In that case, you can cut it off with scissors!

BONUS: every purchase makes a difference. LINK x LOU® donates a portion of sales each month to various local organizations in the cities we are located in. Giving back to the communities we know and love is so important to us.