LINK x LOU offers permanent, welded jewelry, perfectly fit, to be worn forever. Each piece is made of 14k solid gold & can be created as a necklace, anklet, bracelet, ring, or ear links. The process of getting Linked requires a one-of-a-kind in-person experience where one of our permanent jewelry experts helps you custom-create the piece of your dreams.

Once Linked, your personalized permanent jewelry is here to stay, no upkeep required. Because it’s solid gold, there’s no layer of gold dip or coating to wash or wear off with time. This means your pieces will never tarnish + always shine. Getting Linked is even good for Mother Earth! Our Links aren’t disposable & will never end up in a landfill. 

LINK x LOU permanent jewelry offerings include: Bracelets, anklets, necklaces of varying lengths, rings, & ear links.


Permanent jewelry is a type of jewelry that you can’t take on or off because it doesn’t have an end. Where there would otherwise be a manual closure, the piece is welded together to make it claspless jewelry. The intention of permanent jewelry is to be worn forever as an everyday piece of jewelry that lives on you as long as you’d like.


Acquiring permanent jewelry is a painless process. The type of welding it requires is safe & can be done comfortably within the home or a public place. Our trained Linkers (or permanent jewelry welders) provide customers with a protective layer to cover their skin & optional safety sunglasses for extra caution. Though you cannot feel the welding happen, you can hear it & see it with your own eyes!

Getting Linked is a simple, five-step process:

1. Select a Chain | All 14k solid gold options
2. Choose a charm | (A naked chain is is just fine, too)
3. Pick your placement | Bracelet, necklace, anklet, or ring
4. Custom-fit it | Perfect the fit with your trained Linker
5. Weld it on | You're officially linked!

How do you take off a permanent bracelet / necklace / anklet?

To remove your permanent jewelry, we recommend using nail clippers, wire cutters, or strong scissors to break the weld. We encourage you to locate the jump ring where it was originally welded & clip it there, making the reattachment process simple if you decide you want to put it back on later. The small gold ring should break easily with a sharp tool. Don’t forget to keep your chain in a safe place!

Permanent Jewelry Care

See our Permanent Jewelry Care page for more info.

Why get permanent jewelry?

LINK x LOU permanent jewelry is meant for everyone. Our products are gender expansive & intended to be worn by all. With a variety of chain styles & our custom fit process, the customer gets to design a personalized piece of jewelry unique to their own size & style. 

The LINK x LOU experience is perfect for any occasion whether commemorating an event, gifting a loved one, celebrating a special occasion, creating a memory, or just because. We love learning each customer’s Link Language, aka their reason for getting Linked! We often Link permanent jewelry for couples, permanent friendship bracelets, holidays, anniversary milestones, wedding parties, baby showers, parting gifts & so much more.

How do you find a permanent jewelry welder AKA A LINKER near you?

To find a Linker near you, head to the LINK x LOU locations page. Search our existing locations by state to identify the market with a Linker closest to you. Don’t see a location that’s accessible to you? LINK x LOU is ever-expanding with new locations activating frequently. Revisit our locations page & follow along @linkxlou to find out where we’re popping up next!


With parental or guardian supervision & a signed liability waiver, children are eligible to get Linked. The parent or guardian is asked to remain present for the process & will be included in the fit consultation.


Permanent jewelry can be worn on either wrist or ankle & on any finger. Location preferences are up to the discretion of the customer. We recommend getting Linked on your non-Apple watch wrist, or wherever is most convenient to you.

is it comfortable to sleep in permanent jewelry?

Welded jewelry is perfectly comfortable to sleep in. It is so lightweight & comfortable, you may not even notice it!